XCounter Group

Leading provider in X-ray solutions

XCounter is a technology leader in charge integration and photon counting digital X-ray imaging for medical, dental
and industrial markets. The company was founded in 1997 and the share is registered at Euroclear Bank Sweden.
The company head office is based in Stockholm, Sweden with further production facilities in London, UK and Espoo, Finland.
At the parent company the activities are mainly R&D for photon counting development and applications of sensors, as well as management
and administrations

Developing photon counting

The group is active in development of photon counting and tomosynthesis based 3D imaging sensors for medical, dental and industrial applications based on proprietary X-ray technologies.

The parent company plays a central role in leading and co-ordinating the group’s activities to expand opportunities throughout the X-ray imaging industry aiming at making the group the number one provider of leading edge specialty X-ray sensors.

XCounter Group are the leading manufacturer of Cadmium Telluride based detectors producing over 30,000 hybrid CdTe CMOS chips per year.

We target industries where our products can be used efficiently

XCounter technologies target the medical, dental and industrial markets, where our current and future sensor platforms can be used efficiently. We work closely with our OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) partners to continue to strengthen our position in each of these segments and maximize internal technology sinergies.

The group wholly owns two companies for X-ray imaging with both companies using direct conversion CdTe technology as the core of their detectors. For photon counting detector systems XCounter; for charge integration detector systems Ajat.

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